We offer a wide range of peripherals such as printers, MFPs, fax, photocopying machine and more. We cooperate with the most famous companies Hewlett Packard, EPSON, Samsung, Minolta, OKI, and more.

For your purchase, we "interrogate" you to learn your exact needs. Printing Volume , resolution, print quality, print type and many other parameters. Our experience in the sale and installation of such peripherals guarantees your right choice. We are close to you and after-sales, in the supply of consumable and maintenance components.

With our technicians, we can fix any malfunction and can guarantee our continuous presence for any question or repair.

Printing peripherals are the tool of the simple user, the school and university student and the tool of a more demanding professional. We take care in order for it to not turn into a costly and dysfunctional device.


  • Pickup service within 24 hours and free direct diagnosis
  • Information on technology news and innovations
  • Payment through Research Commission and Regular Budget
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