The laptops’ purchase and maintenance is not simple.

If you want to buy a laptop you will have to have made up your mind as to what exactly you want. We are not the ones that, wanting to “get rid of” a model, we will present it to you as an offer and force you to buy it. Don’t forget that the laptops’ upgrading is limited and you will have to take that into consideration while you buy one.

Choosing a laptop you will have to think of its use. Do you want something light, so as to carry it often with you? Is it something you want for gaming or amplified multimedia demands? Do you it to have a high definition screen? These are questions we ask you , and with our experience we guide you towards the right choice. And, of course, choice of something well- known, like Dell, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, HP, ASUS and more, and not some “by the hand” products.

Repair of an electronic damage, reballing, cards reflowing, discs replacement, replacement of broken screens are some of the basic services we can provide so as to repair your laptops. The low prices of the components and our technical knowledge will make you sure that your laptops are in good hands.


  • Pickup service within 24 hours and free direct diagnosis
  • Information on technology news and innovations
  • Payment through Research Commission and Regular Budget
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