Net & Cloud

Our time is now "cloudy". Networking is everyone’s requirement .

We cover the entire range of network products to help you in your communication. We are always available for the ordinary user and the professional to recommend, educate and present solutions and networking technologies. We want you to present your needs and we will suggest the networking mode.

Connection, range, and continuous communication problems. Monitoring sites from a remote computer or mobile. Wired communication problems and rights distribution among users. Managing files on a local or remote workstation. Job equipment problems and management of files across NAS or icloud requirement. Challenges that you daily hear about and experience.

We are here with experience, specialization and seriousness to supply you with the corresponding products and services for the economical management of your files and your requirements.


  • Pickup service within 24 hours and free direct diagnosis
  • Information on technology news and innovations
  • Payment through Research Commission and Regular Budget
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