Personal Computer

Desktop computer is the device you can have for many years, if only you choose the right partner to sell and conserve it.

We have perennial experience about the assembly of systems and the selling of well- known systems. Listening to your exact needs we can recommend the best solution.

The advantage you have as owner of a desktop computer is great. The computer consists of components that can not only be repaired, but you can also change them and gradually upgrade your system.

We can, because of our experience and technical knowledge, guide you to the cheapest and most qualitative choices. We can upgrade your system, recommending the appropriate components , that will make your work easier and more productive. We have a great variety of well- known components and peripherals that allow you to choose depending on the cost.

Furthermore, our technical team can find solutions to conserve your existent equipment. Through electronic solders and interferences in the electronic parts of the components we can repair ,at a cost lower than a possible replacement.

As customers you can find any time you want on the phone or the internet your specialized friend, who will advise you and solve and software of hardware problem.


  • Pickup service within 24 hours and free direct diagnosis
  • Information on technology news and innovations
  • Payment through Research Commission and Regular Budget
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