Meet Unique!

Unique Technology LLC was founded in 1998 in the center of Thessaloniki.

Its basic operation is the commerce and support of information technology systems. It is one of the first companies to ever trade with ASUS and Viewsonic in our city. Since then it has cooperated with the biggest and most reliable companies. Cooperations that allow the sell of their products at the best prices.

It has experienced and specialized crew, which with its constant education covers all the support needs in computers, laptops, printers, network systems and generally in information technology products.

Our philosophy, since the foundation day, is that each and every one of our customers is unique. Our purpose is not to present you a price list and then to decide by yourself what will suit you better, but to guide you with our experience and knowledge to the most qualitative and economical solution. It is to be next to you after the sell in case any problems come up.

This philosophy in the information technology market was the foundation of our cooperation with AUTH. Our company cooperates since 1998 with many University Faculties. It is not random that a customer like AUTH trusts continually these years our company.

The new era, in which we already are a part of, is a new bet to us. With consistency, constant communication, techinal knowledge and experience we invite you in the “companionship” of the biggest support company.


  • Pickup service within 24 hours and free direct diagnosis
  • Information on technology news and innovations
  • Payment through Research Commission and Regular Budget
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